Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A game called life: May-hem

So apparently it has been quite some time since my last post.  I hadn't noticed my cyberspace absense until quite recently when, upon reflection, I realised the whole of May had just completely whirled past in a blurred frenzy of cupcakes, birthdays and general shenanigans.  I swear if I had've blinked, I would have missed it entirely.

Life. Am I right?

In a few snapshots, this is what (I can gather) May 2013 looked liked:

- Mother's Day for other Mums -

- Mother's Day for my Mum -

- Mother's Day for me -

- An order of 100 individually boxed, custom topped Vanilla cupcakes for Elle Magazine -

- My first Drop Dead Gorgeous Empire purchase! -

- My first cake -

- Aforementioned shenanigans -

...Like I said, blurred frenzy.

And now it's June.  Honestly, I've barely been able to catch my breath and have already seemed to have booked myself right up until the end of July.

I've already had one engagement party, four birthdays, 2 birthday dinners, 3 cupcake orders and 1 flower crown order; and June's barely through it's first week.

I've also managed to book several promo gigs to get me through til the end of July. Yay, money!

On a sad note however, my friends and I were trying to get to the Frank Ocean Sideshow in Melbourne on the 27th of July.  Needless to say, we were unable to obtain tickets and have been reduced to an inconsolable mess of sadness and despair.  It's scary to think how much one man can have such an affect on a bunch of women; even though his intentions may be of the contrary.

And to add to an already sad note, I didn't purchase anything from Today's 30% off Black Milk lovebomb sale.  Not for lack of warming up the ninja skills but for not actually wanting any of the items put up for sale.  Honestly.  I don't know who I am anymore.

But as I'm opposed to leaving things any less than cheery, here is a picture of my dog.

and another...

ok, last one.

And just like that, all is well with the world.

... Such is the latest from the game called life
- over and out -

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