Thursday, 25 April 2013

Look Book: Florence & The Machine // Cosmic Love

I am truly in love with my new Black Milk Clothing Galaxy Rainbow suspenders. 

I was always a tad curious about the suspenders, having seen them on many a gorgeous girl. Though I was never quite certain whether I could pull them off, myself. And for $100 or so RRP, I didnt want to quite risk it.

Having gone to the recent Black Milk Sample Sale in Brisbane, I managed to snag me a pair of these bad boys for only $30 - a risk I was more prepared to invest in. And boy, was I glad I did. They are supremely comfy and the colours are just unfathomably bright and amazing.

I wish I had found me a pair of the Cathedral suspenders. They have now become my dream piece, as I save up for my next splurge. Mind you, after hauling home 10 sample pieces and spending two weeks rent on delicious nylon, I think my next splurge may be a while away.

[Slight confession of a nylon addict]
Since becoming a Sharkie, just last year, I find it difficult to justify expenditure of any sort other than on Black Milk items. While I have recognised this incorrigible behaviour as being a definite problem; I earnestly doubt I will be able to find my way out of this supremely entrenched obsession any time soon. 

 Heck, I am much more likely to bring down more spending-inclined hoes with me.



  1. Wow i really like the combination of those leggings and shoes! :)

  2. Thanks, Andrea ^_^
    ... Funnily enough, my boyfriend suggested the pairing!

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