Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nom Noms: Ombre Iced Tea

Do youTea?

Course you do.

 You'll LOVE this!

This, my friends, is an amazingly refreshing iced tea with fruity peach and vanilla flavours and a fizzy edge.  And, following the current trend of "Ombre all the things", I've managed to ombre the heck out of this tantilizing beverage.  

Let me show you how.

First, grab yourself a pack of this delicious mix - Peach Melba from Tour De Tea 

 Tour de Tea is a little Brisbane-based tea business offering a wide range of amazing teas and tea blends from Australia and around the world.  Once you meet the lovely couple behind this delightful business, you'll know that each tea is packed with love! Hand to heart, this is my favourite tea shop out there (and is so much better than T2!).

(More on Tour De Tea at the bottom of this blog) 

This fabulous fruit blend combines a mix of dried peach and apple pieces, hibiscus and sunflower petals, and elderberries.

I wish I could share how amazing this tea blend smells, but you're just going to have to find out for yourself!


Brew 1 tsp/cup or 1.5tsp/mason jar for 2-5 minutes in a small container (not the cup/jar you're serving in). 

For want of the proper wares, I turned to a gifted tea strainer and a ramekin to brew mine.

While the tea infuses, place a few ice cubes into your cup/mason jar.  Fill 1/3rd of the way with cold water.

Next, fill 2/3rds of your cup/mason jar with lemonade.
Mix carefully with a spoon and let sit for 1 minute. 

Gently pour in the brewed tea into your cup/mason jar

Don't worry if it doesn't have the Ombre effect right away.  Just give it a few moments to settle.

And yes, it tastes as amazing as it looks! 

*  For a zingy twist - Substitute the Lemonade for Ginger Ale or Appletizer
*  For a bit of fun - Substitute the lemonade with your favourite champagne
*  For a more adult version - Add a nip of Vodka (to the icy water and lenonade) and/or Chambord (to the infused tea)

Tour de Tea
Find them at the markets!
Kelvin Grove Market – Blamey St – every Sat: 6am to 1pm 
Powerhouse Market – James St, Newfarm – every 2nd & 4th Saturday – 6am to Noon 

Boggo Rd Market – Dutton Park – every Sunday – 7am to 1pm 
Stones Corner Market – Logan Rd – every 2nd & 4th Sunday – 6am to Noon


  1. aaagh tea... yum! I'm not good at making iced tea.. but we can use any tea flavour for this for making iced tea?? D: it looks yum.

    1. Heya Kaelin!
      Yes, you can most certainly use other tea flavours. Although the effect works best with a dark tea - So your black or red leaf based teas. You can also try it with a green tea that has been brewed for longer.
      Or even if you mix the water and ice, leave to sit. Separately mix a ginger ale with the brewed tea and then pour into your glass, that may work. I haven't tried it myself, but the science makes sense. Essentially, the cold liquid should stay settled at the bottom while the warm liquid will layer at the top until cooled down or mixed well.

      (Sorry for the novel! Hope this helps ^_^ )